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Every once in a while a Really Great idea hits the internet. This is one of them! Alex Tew from England came up with this idea with his site MillionDollarHomePage.com. Not long after, there were dozens of such sites. Ours is a bit different in that most of these sites charge you for the Pixels 1 Dollar/Euro, so 100 Dollar/Euro per block, we are giving up to 4 blocks(400 Pixels) away for FREE! If you like an ad that is greater then 4 blocks(400 Pixels) you still pay only 1 Dollar/euro per block. So lets say you want 10 blocks, you pay 10 Dollar/Euro and NOT 1000Dollar/Euro as others would charge you!

WHY? Traffic, plain and simple. Users can place an AD for their website or blog (in return for a link back to us). Its very simple, just click the Get Pixeled link above. You can visit any time to view the Stats page to see how many clicks your Pixels have gotten.